Technical Support

  • Unpacking and Installation of Devices

Computer, Laptop, Tablet PC, Smartphone, Printer, Scanner, etc.

  • Internet Connection Setup

Modem/Router Setup, Wired/Wireless Connection, Home and Small Office Networking

  • Maintenance

Device and software configuration to meet your needs, Best application recommendations for your daily life and work, Software updates, Data Transfer, Backup and Synchronization, Anti-Theft service setup

  • Troubleshooting and Repairs

Login problems? Slow computer? Freezes frequently? Unnecessary programs and toolbars? Virus infected? Lost important files?

  • Recommendations

Are you thinking to go for the new technology or services? I can help you to choose the right product for your need at reasonably best price.

  • Website Solutions

Find you the right web host, CMS Website Design using Joomla! and WordPress, Website maintenance and updates