Computer Tutoring

My personal home tutoring sessions are provided in your own place at your convenience or via online conference. Sessions are design to help you with your immediate needs; covering topics from getting to know your computer or other devices, understanding the operating instructions, installation of new applications, data transfers, files and folders, formatting documents, making presentations, internet & email, taking care of your computer through to online file storage (i.e. Dropbox), shopping online (i.e. eBay), banking online and video calls (i.e. Skype) or any topics of your interest.

 Basic operating instructions for any technical device

 Learn how to keep your computer/mobile speedy, secure and tidy

 Learn how to transfer your data from one device to another

 Learn how to install new applications and uninstall unnecessary applications

 Learn how to use productivity softwares (Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, etc.)

 Learn how to surf internet safely, how to shop online, how to banking online

 Learn how to use email safely, how to stop hundreds of junk email in your inbox everyday

 And, any topics of your interest/need you want to learn