How to choose a right Smartphone

Make the right call when selecting a

  • Software is the brain behind a smartphone. Like computers, there are several operating systems such as Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone. Try out all the systems before deciding on a device, as this will dictate what applications are available to you.
  • Hardware is equally important in determining how good a smartphone is. For instance, a lower-end smartphone offers the bare minimum to make it usable and cost-effective. Having more features, such as a bigger screen and processor, more storage and a better camera, usually means that you’ll be forking out more.
  • It doesn’t follow that the more expensive a device, the better it is for you. Read reviews online, ask your friends what they think, and play around with different phones to discover what complements you. Your choice should also be within your comfort zone and budget.

Source: Travel 3Sixty January 2014


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